Native Youth Magazine

In this edition of Native Youth Magazine we will be looking at the past of Native American Culture, how it interacts with our present and informs our future.

Acknowledging Our Present

Alongside articles about famous Native Americans of the past, we are proud to present features about successes of the present day. The cover feature image to the right shows iconic Native American Moon Bloodgood, the star of films such as Falling Skies and Terminator Salvation arriving at the Los Angeles Premiere of 'Eight Below'.
>> Famous Native Americans

We also take a look at Native Americans in the business arena from the managers of prominent companies to influential investment firm established by the Winnebego people. Then we move on to look at the media industry, and some of the stars known around the world who come from Native American roots.
>> Native Americans in Business
>> Native Americans in Media

Remembering the Past

The cultural heritage of Native Americans is truly diverse, with unique belief systems and languages being used by each individual nation. These differences led to both unity and division within native communities long before the arrival of white settlers.

We look back to the day when most Native American cultures were comprised of what are now referred to as "nations" or "confederacies". Larger groups of natives with similar geographic ranges and lifestyles generally came together to form nations, with more specific denominations created in some instances. For example, the Iroquois were technically classified as a nation or a confederacy in European terms, however they also broke into five unique nations as well.
>> Past, Present and Future

Looking forward to the Future

The key to a Future we can look forward to rests with the education of our young people. A number of educational programs have been bolstered to provide even greater opportunities for Native American students. The federal government has created specialty internship and school scholarship programs that it hopes will help Native American youth succeed.

Native American Scholarships

In response to the declining numbers in Native American enrollment at American colleges, a number of quality school scholarships designed specifically for native students have been created. These scholarships and education programs are offered through a variety of sources: tribal, federal, state, corporate, and professional organizations. These sources have different standards when it comes to who qualifies for their scholarships.
>> Native American Scholarships

Native American Internships

Internships have become a major component in the overall plan for the betterment of native economic standing throughout the country. Since the world is becoming flooded with more and more qualified college graduates every year, it's becoming increasingly difficult for well-educated, young Native Americans to get a leg up on the competition in the job market.
>> Native American Internships