Native American Cultural Tours

Native American cultural tours have become extremely popular over the past decade. These tours offer visitors a unique way to not only learn about Native American culture, but to experience it as well. They are usually run by a tribal group as part of their tribal tourism program, and they can cover an assortment of different things. Some cultural tours meander through ancient native ruins, while others take visitors to the heart of sacred native lands. They are often highly customizable too, and many will offer a great mixture of village culture and vacation attractions as well as tours on historically important native land. Below are only a few of the shining examples of what can be found in this steadily growing field of tourism.

Go Native America Tours

Go Native America is one of the largest tour companies in America that specializes in Native American cultural tours. Their tours run the gamut from trots through natural reserves, to interpreted visits through the once-populated remains of ancient villages. They take a unique approach to their trade, and the excellence of that approach has even been recognized by National Geographic. National Geographic Traveler has cited the tours at Go Native America as being among the top "50 Tours of a Lifetime", and that distinction is hard-won.

Some of their most famous tours are the ones that go deep into Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon. These places have significant meaning for all native people, and the tours to these areas are led by interpretive educators that are well-versed in Native American history and lore. An important thing to note about the tours at Go Native America is that they don't necessarily return to the same places every year. Each year brings a new set of trip choices, providing customers with a glimpse into a diverse range of treasured Native American historical sites.

Crossing Worlds Tours

Crossing Worlds provides one of the most educationally intensive tour selections in the entire United States. The tours at Crossing Worlds often double as "classes" and provide a substantially greater perspective on native cultural heritage than can be found on most other tours. A large part of their success is attributed to the fact that they operate in a broad range of landscapes. This high amount of diversity allows them to tackle cultural tours from a completely holistic perspective. No one area tells the whole story of native culture, and this broad assortment of locales allows guests to get a real feel for native history as a whole.

The Crossing Worlds approach has also become very popular due to the high standards they hold for their guides. Not only do guides need to have a background in indigenous cultures, but they also need to have specific training in the area they're guiding in. For example, the natural awareness tour that Crossing Worlds operates is guided by an interpreter that has scientific training in ecology and wildlife management. This extra level of qualification not only helps the guide provide a more educated perspective on the natural world, but it also helps the guide to discuss the place for traditional ecological knowledge within the framework of what science has revealed about the natural world.

Native American Cultural Tours

Straight and to the point is what defines this tour company. They specialize in providing their clients with an understanding of Native American culture that is based mostly upon visiting Native American villages. Their ten day tour visits important Native American cultural sites, as well as a number of important museums. This tour is mostly used by people with lower physical capacities, most of whom would have a hard time enjoying a tour that took place on uneven terrain.