Native American Events

There are a lot of gatherings held yearly that encourage the active participation of Native Americans in their cultural heritage. These gatherings are often called "powwows" and are seen as both a celebration and a reverent way to pay homage to their ancestors, their spiritual beliefs, and their ties to each other. These gatherings can attract anywhere between a few dozen people to a few thousand people, and they can sometimes develop into huge celebrations. There are a few of these events that bring in a lot of people from around the country, and seem to gain more popularity every year.

The Festival of Native American Culture

This festival is part of an overall celebration of Native American heritage. It's not just a regular festival, but it's part of a set of events that celebrate Native Americans in both their historical impact and their modern impact. It accomplishes this by holding the festival on Native American culture itself, then holding an archaeology fair and an art fair. These events are meant to portray the breadth of Native American cultural influence on mainstream American culture, as well as the many amazing pieces of historical and modern artwork that define Native American culture. All of these events are not for profit, and the money earned through them goes to a number of different causes and projects. Primarily, funds go to help pay for projects that help preserve and protect Native American heritage. However, they also go toward the creation of interpretive programs that help non-native people better understand Native American culture.

The Red Earth Native American Cultural Festival

This event is in its 26th year, and always draws an enormous crowd. Not only will over a thousand Native American artists, dancers, singers, entertainers and musicians be there, but there is always a huge spectator turnout as well. This event is all about the unity of all Native American people throughout the country, and the celebration of that shared-- though diverse-- heritage. This event is one of the few that has really changed over the years to suit the times. Many different types of art are on display here now that people won't see at other similar gatherings elsewhere. There will also be a dance competition, and it will feature dancers from around the country. In fact, the Red Earth festival is one of the only occasions where visitors have the opportunity to see dancers from the north and south dance in the same venue. This all gets rounded out with the amazing food that will be there that is always a big hit. This is a three day event that has a little something for everyone, and is really a sight to behold.

Gathering of Nations

In the world of Native American gatherings, the Gathering of Nations is definitely the biggest and most famous. This event is a showcase for a great many number of things. Primarily, it's a showcase for the rich history of the Native American people from around the country. However, it's also a showcase for the many people that are doing great work in advancing conversations on Native American issues around the country. This yearly event draws about 3000 people, and it is steadily growing with every year. There is a little something for everyone at this event, with food, games, music and competitions being the center point of the activity. There are also artistic vendors, and every year they crown a new Miss Indian World winner. Miss Indian World is a fixture of the gathering, and she acts as a good-will ambassador for all Native American people around the entire country.